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  • “What's measured improves.”

    Peter F. Drucker

Wireless low-power sensing systems in the Internet of Things:
We measure, you benefit

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At InviNets we believe that improvements to business processes are possible only if those process can be monitored continuously and with an appropriate granularity. Our novel sensing technology compatible with the Internet of Things vision enables remote, unattended, precise and noninvasive monitoring of even tiny physical objects (things) and their surroundings. This in turn offers unprecedented possibilities of optimizing business process, which do save your money.

Monitoring system


  • Map

    Large spaces

    We are able to monitor large physical spaces: both flat, outdoor spaces with line-of-sight visibility as well as multi-storey buildings with sturdy walls.

  • Inaccessible places

    Due to even a few years of operation without battery replacement, our technology is ideal for remote monitoring of hardly accessible or hazardous places, such as oxygenless environments.

  • Grid

    Dense sensing points

    We support arbitrarily dense sensing points—from a few centimeters to a few tens of meters—which allows for unprecedented scaling of sensing granularity.

  • Truck

    Mobile settings

    The miniature size of our sensors and a lack of any wires enables monitoring mobile objects, for instance, packages, containers, cars, animals or humans.




Wireless sensor nodes

Our miniature wireless nodes, equipped with various sensors, embedded in or attached to physical objects monitor those objects and their surroundings 24/7 and communicate with each other via low-power radios.


Internet connectivity

Our customized gateways, connected to the Internet via Ethernet, WiFi or GSM/GPRS/3G, allow the sensor nodes to communicate also with arbitrary machines in the Internet, from high-end servers to tablets and smartphones.


Cloud services

Our software on servers in the cloud or owned by the client archive the sensor data, analyze it from the perspective of business processes crucial for the client, and visualize the results of the analysis in a web portal.


  • Clock

    Ease of installation

    The lack of wires, miniature form factor and a range of mounting options of our sensor nodes (e.g., built-in magnets or zip ties) minimize the installation time even down to one second per node. Our gateways and web portal are equally plug-and-play.

  • WiFi

    Infrastructure independence

    Thanks to custom, energy-efficient wireless communication protocols, our sensor nodes do not require direct access to WiFi or cellular networks. They can thus work in places that lack these types of infrastructure.

  • Gears

    Maintenance-free operation

    The time of unattended operation on batteries reaching even a few years as well as self-organized communication in the presence of interference and failures virtually eliminate the need for maintenance of our nodes by human operators.

  • Shield


    Our self-organization mechanisms ensure that destruction, battery depletion or theft of even a large number of nodes need not break the entire system. Moreover, due to encryption of communication, the data transmitted by the system over the Internet is safe.